What Students Are Saying

I became pregnant while in Secondary school and even with a young son, I decided to complete my education. I expect to write seven subjects in the CXC examinations. I am the eldest of five children. I will be happy for your assistance so that I can achieve my goal to become a school teacher.

– Carol Duncan’s Story (age 18)

My major inspiration came from my role model, my father. He kept encouraging me to pursue my career because of the need for medical personnel in my family. It was during his illness that I made up my mind to become a medical doctor. My father is now deceased. I am confident that I will pass my CXC exams and will study at the University of Guyana and further my studies in Cuba, USA or England to eventually become a certified medical doctor.

– Gary Alexander’s Story (age 15)

Ever since I was a child, I have always wanted to become a teacher. I’m hopeful that I will obtain that occupation. The only way I can become a teacher is by performing well in my CXC exams.  I live with my father who is not working. My big brother is the sole supporter of the house. I would be really thankful for the assistance that you have offered for the payment of my CXC exams.

  – Caroline George’s Story (age 16)